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Know the Signs

When a loved one is showing odd behavior, you might become concerned about the possibility of drug addiction. Learning the warning signs to watch for will make it easier to get help your loved ones as early as

You Are Not Alone

If you’re searching for a drug addiction treatment program in Columbus, but you’re not sure where to start, has the resources that can help you find the best options, no matter what your

About Columbus Ohio Drug Rehab

Find the Right Facility

Deciding that it is time to seek help for your loved one with their specific drug issues is a large step toward healing, recovery and moving forward, for your suffering loved one and your entire family. Finding the right drug rehab facility in Columbus, Ohio, is a task that you will not take lightly since you will be placing someone precious to you in this facility’s care, whether they will be in-patient or out-patient clients.

We at Columbus Ohio Drug Rehab will help you find the facility that meets all of the criteria that you are seeking or we can help you determine that criteria if you have any questions or concerns about the process. We want to help you find the best path for you and your family member toward lasting success and a happy future, free of addiction and the negative impacts it makes on the lives of everyone involved.

Select the Treatment That Works Best for Your Family Member

The types of treatments available to help your family may seem dauntingly abundant to you. There are treatments to fit every personality type, unique philosophy or any variety of factors specific to them. Understanding what your loved one needs in order to become free of addiction may be the first step toward helping you select a drug rehab facility for them.

Holistic Treatments

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatments. Holistic treatment helps purge the body and mind of the addiction for your family member. This type of treatment may include spa sessions such as saunas to help purge the body of toxins to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, meditation, yoga, martial arts, general fitness and group therapy sessions. With a holistic treatment approach, therapists work to heal your family member from the inside out and by developing tools within the client to help strengthen their resolve against substance abuse in the future.

Medically Supervised Detox

Medically Supervised Detox. If you fear that your loved one may be in danger when removing drugs from their system, a medically supervised detox treatment may be your best or only choice in starting their process to recovery. There are many qualified facilities and medical staff in the area to make this process as comfortable as possible for your family member.

Additional Treatments

  • Traditional 12-step recovery
  • Self-help approaches Cognitive behavioral methods
  • and much more that can be combined for right program

Putting it All Together and Making the First Step

Knowing that you have to make a critical decision about something you never thought you would have to face can create as much pressure as the addiction problem itself so reaching out for help is a natural course for you to follow.

Please take the time to fill out the form or call Columbus Ohio Drug Rehab so we can utilize our services to help you and your loved one get started in this critical journey.

“My son tried everything; he was into pot, pills, and alcohol. I write this only after coming home from seeing my son graduate college. I never thought I’d see this day and I want to thank you for all you did to get him to this point.

My son tried everything; he was into pot, pills, and alcohol. I couldn’t get him to stop. His girlfriend left him because he couldn’t stop. My husband couldn’t persuade him. It took him nearly losing his college scholarship before he realized there was a problem.

He needed specialized care, with the ability to stay in school and work on his problems. The people there helped in a way that I’ve never seen., a referral service, really cared about finding the program that would work for him. And it did. He has been clean for five years now, graduating at nearly the top of his class with full honors, scholarship kept intact.

I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, god bless you.”

-Mary H.